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Business Planning

Beacon Business Advisors help business owners with Business Planning Services in St. Augustine, Jacksonville, and all around Northeast Florida!

Create a roadmap for success with Our Business Planning Services.

A solid business plan is essential for every organization's success. Our team of experts will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive business plan that aligns with your vision and goals. We'll help you identify key milestones, set realistic objectives, and create a roadmap that guides your business toward sustainable growth.

Basic Business Planning

Basic Business Planning, a 3-month look ahead, can quickly put your business on a path towards improved and predictable short-term results. If you are a small, established business owner who has never had a business plan or an entrepreneur who wants to see if they have a viable business idea to start, this is the plan for you.

A Basic Business Plan provides a macro view of your business and creates a building block for you to work from. This plan describes the highlights of your business, a few critical points, and your objectives. Think of it as your “Elevator Pitch.” It is truly “lean,” utilizing bullet points, lists, milestones, and short-term forecasting.

Basic Business Planning and its use as a short-term Roadmap will illustrate first-hand the importance of planning. It can begin to foster a team management culture that is more focused, communicative, and accountable. It also allows you to present your business formally and professionally on paper should you be looking for funding from investors, banks, or even insurance companies.

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Short Term Business Forecasting

Short-term Business forecasting, a 6-12 month look ahead, provides your business and team with a clearly defined set of goals, roles, and responsibilities. While “forecasting” involves
guesswork in addition to hard data, you will be able to quickly test and learn from your results and make informed and intelligent decisions.


By revisiting your progress in smaller time increments, you will make course changes regularly as needed, and the accuracy of your short-term business forecasts will continue to improve. This can lead to a more efficient workplace, greater productivity, and improved customer and employee satisfaction.

Strategic Business Planning

Strategic Business Planning for small business owners is not a one-size-fits-all exercise. Every successful business is built upon a sound Strategic Business Plan that clearly defines your vision, mission, goals, and objectives. That Strategic Business Plan should also include a Roadmap detailing how your business will perform successfully. However, small business owners often lack the time, manpower or objective vantage point to effectively plan for the future.

Beacon Business Advisors will meet with each small business owner to have an honest and thorough review of their business's history and current state. This will guide the development and type of Strategic Business Plan that best suits your needs. We will work collaboratively with each small business owner to define a clear and realistic vision for the future. This will include the development of operational, organizational, financial, marketing, and growth plans as needed. Each Strategic Business Plan will include trackable metrics and or milestones for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual guidance and be accompanied and supported by an organization plan (personnel and office/workspace) that defines business roles and responsibilities.


Finally, Beacon Business Advisors can work alongside you during the entire planning process, its execution and regularly thereafter to review your progress and continuing needs.

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