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Jacksonville Business Coach

Jacksonville’s Trusted Business Advisory, Coaching, and Consulting Firm Helping Small Businesses
Plan. Organize. Perform.

Beacon Business Advisors provides Jacksonville business owners, with the strategies and tools needed for short-term and long-term growth and profitability. We take a collaborative approach, working with business owners to identify their unique goals and challenges in the areas of business planning, employee retention, staffing, cash management, process creation, contingency planning, pivot planning, and execution. This results in actionable plans that align with your business’s core values and goals and drive performance and profit. If you are looking for a Jacksonville business coach, consultant, or advisor, call Beacon Business Advisors today at 904-495-9849 because every great business begins with a great plan.

Our Services

Beacon Business Advisors is a personalized Business Planning service for small business owners seeking an organized roadmap for growth, improved performance, and better work-life balance.


Beacon Business Advisors uses a strong business model with creative thinking, open and honest conversations, and self-observation.

New Service We Are Now Offering!

Business Health Check

Your business requires and will benefit from regular health checks, just as individuals require the same from their primary care physicians. A health check will summarize your business's current condition by identifying points of strength, opportunities for improvement, and areas of weakness that require time and attention.

About Us

Beacon Business Advisors is Jacksonville’s local Business Advisory and Coaching firm serving clients in the Northeast Florida area, including Jacksonville, St Augustine, and St Johns County. Co-owners Doug and Alicia Hart are successful entrepreneurs and business owners with experience across a wide range of industries. They have learned that planning, problem-solving, and good communication are essential tools for running a successful business and can often mean the difference between success and failure.

Are you ready to Plan. Organize. Perform?
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